Electronic Pet Containment FAQ


Below are just a few frequently asked questions the customers of Dawgfence ask from time to time. If you don’t find the answer here, we’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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General Electric Pet Fence System FAQ

Is The Dawg Fence Co. associated with Invisible Fence®, Petsafe®, Innotek®, Dogwatch®, Dog Guard®  or ANY other electric pet fencing brand other than Pet Stop®?

No. The Dawg Fence Co. is a licensed Pet Stop® dealer. It is not associated with Invisible Fence® or any other underground, electric pet fencing company. We do provide independent support for Invisible Fence® systems, as well as all other brands of electronic pet fencing. The Dawg Fence Co. honors warrantees on Pet Stop® products only.

What makes Pet Stop® different from other competitors?

Pet Stop® is the ONLY electric pet fencing company that hasn’t outsourced. All of our products are manufactured and tested 100% in the USA. Keeping manufacturing here ensures quality. When you purchase Pet Stop® products, you’re purchasing a reliable product that’s been built to last.

Pet Stop® is also the only company to offer the Gentlesteps™ training method. This low-stress training method with combination our technologically advanced and highly customizable pet fencing product, allows us to tailor your pet’s training experience to what best suits its individual characteristic. Our 99.6% successful containment rating is the highest in the industry!

If I move, will I be able to bring my pet fencing system with me?

Yes, you can! The only thing you’ll need is wire installation at the new location. Contact your local dealer for more information.

Do you have indoor pet containment systems as well?

Yes, we do. Our indoor pet containment systems can create pet-free zones as large as entire rooms or as small as just a few square feet. You can keep your dog out of the kitchen, or your cat off of the sofa! Our indoor pet fencing also works flawlessly with our outdoor pet containment systems.

Pet Fence Training FAQ

Are there any breed or age requirements for training?

We do recommend that your dog be at least 8 weeks of age before beginning the training. They should also be well adjusted and comfortable with their environment. There are no breed or size limitations for training. We can also train cats to the fences!

Does the used correction hurt my pet?

Absolutely not! We love pets and are dedicated to their happiness and well-being. We’d never use a product that would do harm to your pet. The corrections used to warn your pet away from off-limit zones is extremely low, just enough to startle your pet, NOT shock.

How long will it take to train my pet to the fence?

The training usually lasts 2 weeks. However, some pets take more time, while others take less time. We’ll provide the initial training and walk you through the process as well, so you’ll be able to provide reinforcement training. If your pet requires additional training sessions, just give us a call!

Can I use an electronic pet fence system for an aggressive dog?

No, if your dog is aggressive, we cannot install an underground pet fencing system UNLESS it’s going to be used in conjunction with an existing wooden or chain link fence. We don’t recommend the use of corrections on aggressive dogs. In this case we recommend talking with your local veterinarian for alternative training options.

Electronic Pet Containment Products FAQ

Are your products compatible with other systems?

Yes, Pet Stop® products are compatible with most other pet containment systems, including Invisible Fence®. We also sell Pet Stop® brand Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible receivers.

Are your receivers water-resistant?

We’ve designed our receivers to be extremely moisture-resistant. Thus, it’s fine to leave the receiver collar on when you’re giving your dog a bath or if they’re caught outside during a sudden shower.

How long do the batteries last?

Most batteries typically last from 3 months to a year, but it depends on how often your pet tests the boundaries. When battery power is running low, our patented FlashAlert® feature will let you know so you can change the batteries out before they die completely.