The Puppy Listener by Jan Fennell



I can’t believe the number of times I’ve met people sharing their lives with the wrong dog or in my opinion, a dog stuck with the wrong pack. Jan is going to help you make that huge decision and tehn guide you on how to best introduce and grow up with your new canine buddy. 

Tips on feeding, training, understanding body language, and how to choose your puppy. Every time there’s a new 101 Dalmatians movie the shelters fill up with abandoned Dalmatians. Not the dogs fault but rather folks thinking they make cute cartoons so naturally they’d make my little girl a great pet as well. Not exactly how that goes down at times. Understanding the breed is the first step anyone should focus on when looking around for a pet. All we really need to do is read a bit and make informed decisions and not ones based on ole’ Walt Disney’s view, huh?

Jan gives you food for thought while easing a lot of your concerns.