The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell



 I run across people everyday looking for a quick solution to their dogs behavioral problems. Sorry, there isn’t really a “quick” answer. Your answer will lie in consistency, patience and an understanding of what or whom you’re spending your life with that just happens to have four legs and a personality all it’s own. I strongly feel that you can avoid expensive and often wasted classes from “certified” dog trainers by simply reading and practicing what Jan has laid out for us. She is my hero above all others in the field.

Yes, everything you’ll need to create a relationship with your canine is in this book, The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell. Along with her book The Puppy Listener , Jan gives you the means to really understand how to communicate with your dog for a wonderful and trusting relationship. All you’ll need is a firm understanding, patience, consistency, and most important of all … Love.