Electric Pet Fence Help in Lombard, IL

Electric Pet Fence System Owner Resources

Some owners who choose an underground, electric pet fence require help when setting up or training their dog on boundaries. This process is sometimes not as simple as it may seem upon initial purchase and training. It requires patience and understanding, and many times you get the best combination of those two things when you have experience with these products.

That’s where we can help! Dawg Fence is dedicated to providing our customers with ongoing outstanding customer service and support long after we’ve performed the initial electric pet fence installation and training. Our goal is to help our customers feel comfortable and confident about their dogs using an underground fence system. If you need help with an electronic pet fencing system that we did not install, we can still provide assistance with our expert knowledge.

The following are some questions that may come up:

  • Can I add an extra collar to the system for a new pet?
  • Are you able to help with training a new pet on the system?
  • My pet seems to be testing its boundaries more and more often—are you able to assist with that?
  • Can I adjust the boundaries of my electric pet containment fence?
  • I feel the static correction may be harming my pet, can something be adjusted?
  • My pet became pregnant, is the pet containment fence still safe for her?
  • Does Dawg Fence provide assistance with set-up after moving to a new place?

No question is a bad one when it comes to your furry friend’s boundary area. If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us today. We’re doggone happy to hear from you!

Call us: 630-319-5004

Upon initial purchase, you should have received a manual. If you’ve lost it or require a copy, you can download a digital copy here – just click on your product to download the appropriate manual.

Product manuals

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