Jake’s Favorite All Natural Dog Treats


All Natural

No Grains

No Fillers

No preservatives

No 17 syllable chemistry words

100% Happy Dogs!!!

Caution: This product is freeze-dried and is still considered raw and not for human consumption. Please wash hands after handling.



Jake’s Favorite is the bomb for dogs! Let’s face it … an all natural all raw diet is what’s best for your dog. It’s just the truth when I say there have been many recalls on processed and manufactured treats. It’s not a secret. It’s also not natural. Dogs are meant for a certain diet and processed foods loaded with grains, unnatural tidbits or chemicals or something suspiciously labeled “Meal” …  look that up, yuck  …Well, it’s just not good for your dog, OK? It seems everyday we’re hearing about another recall from some of the most expensive brands of dog food. Don’t be fooled. A high price doesn’t mean quality food. No dog should eat anything other than what the Great Basset Hound in the sky deems as natural food for canines. That does not mean in any way, shape, or form, grains or anything processed. <<<PERIOD!

Anyway, Jake Loves treats that have aroma. That have full flavor. That have a true nutritional value. That are natural and raw. He told me all this, yep, he did (He surprises sometimes) so naturally I wanted to make the little guy happy. So ~~~ drum roll and pause for effect~~~ Tada! Jake’s Favorite… No fillers, no grains, no processed junk and nothing with 17 syllables. Just exactly what Jake asked for … an all natural treat you can feel good about giving YOUR favorite.

Do the right thing and give your dog what they crave … Jake’s Favorite It’s good for them and easy on your wallet with a very fair price. It’s about the dogs not the bank account and mine will prove that!

Beef Liver, Chicken Hearts and our new line … Sweet Potato … just for those vegan dogs out there 😉 And we’re thinking about Turkey Hearts in the future

If you’ve bought our treats and especially if you continue buying our treats and love them, please visit us at facebook.com/dawgfence and let us know!  Thanks!!!



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All Natural Treats

Chicken Hearts, Beef Liver, Sweet Potato


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